The LFA funds local athletes to allow them to compete abroad.
LFA's goal is to help Lebanese riders climb the international ranking and give them all the keys to become number 1 in what they do
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Always riding no matter the weather or the surface. Highly implicated in the sports he follows & pretty relaxed dude but only comes to takeover #podiums

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Chris Dirany

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Lebanese living in Canada, Georges came back to attend the 2018 Lebanese freeride week and showed big promises

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Georges Assouad

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Georges lives in Lebanon and is the first one to shred when pow days come. He constantly raise the level and push limits. Keep #rocking

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Georges Achi

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Thomas co founded the LFA with Nour and Sam and participate in various FWQ events (and after parties)

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One of our main goal is to allow as many local athletes as possible on the FWQ circuit.

This was made possible thanks to our sponsors, who share the same wish to take our skiers and snowboarders a bit further.

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